VPN servers blocked by F-secure and multiple license required for multiple accounts on one mac

monnimies Posts: 6 New Member

Netflix has now blocked every US server that's available on Freedome  and I can't watch US content anymore.

I think this was one of the advertisement points of Freedome when it first came out. To be able to access geoblocked content.

Well now that point is gone.


Also when I enter one lisence to one of the users on my Macbook Pro the other user account on that same machine doesn't have freedome lisenced and is demanding for a new lisence to continue usage.

Shouldn't it be one lisence for one machine?


I have asked this twice from your support, first time you just closed the chat and didn't respond anything and the second ticket has been open weeks now without an answer.


Can you please reply that are you going to fight netflix with its effort to stop VPN usage and can you solve the issue of having to use multiple lisences on one machine.


I just bought one year lisence for five machines and after like two weeks the points of my purchase have been nullified. At the moment with my experience I can't recommend this product to any of my collegues or friends, which most of by the way are working in IT field.

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