Where is the security key found.

Security key is that well hidden that my own tech guy has shot himself through stress


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  • Chameni
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    Could you explain further on the issue you are having with F-Secure Key.



  • Bigtoe
    Bigtoe Posts: 4 New Member

    I was given this as a gift,but I threw the box out and apparently that's where the key is,how do I resolve this?
    I only want to use the finder part of the app as I'm always losing my phone


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  • Chameni
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    Hi Bigtoe,


    Finder is a feature from F-Secure SAFE not F-Secure Key, and if you are using SAFE then you can login to your Mysafe Account and locate,wipe,unlock or even play an alarm on your phone using the Finder feature in the portal. Click here for more information about Finder.


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    Thank you.

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