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I've just had an issue where I nearly clicked through to a website based in Russia, masquerading as the Birmingham Post.  It was an exact replica, and only because I spotted the website was actually .CO.UK.RU I didn't click through.

It made me think - is there a way to block access to certain TLDs/country codes?  I doubt that I'll ever want to access a Russian website, so I'd like F-Secure SAFE to warn me if I go to such a website.

I can't find an obvious way to do this.  Is it possible?




  • Chameni
    Chameni Posts: 234 F-Secure Employee

    Hi Stepbar,

    We do apologies that we don't have feature to block based on top level domains or country codes but the browsing protection will still block it if the website is malicious. Alternatively if you are not sure if certain websites are safe, you can always submit the URL to our lab for further checking.

    To submit the URL, please click here.

    Thank you.


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