clean install repeatedly fails

Attempted clean install, crashed 3 times saying it could not download the files necessary... had to abort

pl help

W10 x64 rtm, excellent fiber internet connection, fwall open

bug case with fsdiag filed


  • Ukko
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    This is means... that my situation not just local trouble with my systems.


    Same with my experience probably.

    Based on this reply:


    After this.. I re-check with other system, by remove-actions around devices for licenses, network-settings and other steps. And anyway....

    Stop on points.. that this is not possible to get some of files.

    Finally I clean all things about FS Protection and did clean installation. Anyway.. I get same trouble point.


    My troublepoint is: CCF_Reputation.msi


    Not possible to get this resource.. maybe this is not troublepoint and just first point of trouble, but my installation stopped with this step. And trigger notification about troubles with network (because.. indeed... not possible to get this resource from link-place, which planned be under installer?!).

    Strange there... that with current TP.... I have normal experience about clean installation. So.. just yesterday (?!) close to the end of day... maybe something goes wrong?!


  • yeoldfart
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    could also be some bug on F-S server side ?

  • Ukko
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    When situation happened with your and my systems.... most likely.. that there something wrong with F-Secure resources, because not sure.. that randomly can to happened something wrong with configuration about  this systems.

    But my main system also Windows 10 64bit.  Anyway.. I though that.. maybe source/server/storage/other to deny just my queries for get resource/file. Because before "trouble" - I have experience with installation F-Secure ULAV (after uninstallation FS Protection) and try to install FS Protection with hard steps (so... it was possible a reason under my dreams).


    But.... your experience probably same.


    And this  maybe mean... there should be strange reason for "not available" status for storage or other place, where files should be allowing-for-be-downloaded. 


    Temporary I goes to use F-Secure ULAV :) between try-actions for install FS Protection or thinking how it possible to do "workaround".


    Sorry for long reply!



  • yeoldfart
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    we'll see what the techs will say
  • yeoldfart
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    today F-S protection page is down: 

    Error 500

    ... could it be linked ?

  • Ville
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    Hi @yeoldfart @Ukko


    It looks like misconfiguration on our side. One file is missing from the file server and that fails the installation. We will try to get it sorted ASAP.


    FS Protection portal being down is unrelated to this issue.



    (F-Secure R&D)



    F-Secure R&D, Desktop products

  • vadim170552
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    Hello, and my problem with installation has to do with this situation...very interesting, thank you
  • Ukko
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    With my experience installation comes normally from first try (after "fixed"-time).


    Also interesting... that with current TP my system was with stable crash at uninstallation FS Protection.

    With next try (today).. crash not happened. But maybe this is not based on something more, than my clean/clear action for folders, files under system and experience with Uninstallation tool.



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