Winzip Driver Update????

Winzip Driver Update keeps popping up and driving me crazy! My PC runs Windows  10 and F-Secure SAFE. Do F-Secure bundle Winzip Driver Update? My problem started when F-secure SAFE was installed...


  • kjelllod
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    Does F-Secure bundle Winzip Driver Update with F-Secure SAFE? I installed F-Secure on my PC (Windows 10) the other day and ever since the Winzip Driver Update shows over and over again, it drives me crazy! I have no problem with my smartphone (Samsung S6 edge) nor my iPad. How come???

  • Ukko
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    Probably F-Secure SAFE should not be with Winzip Driver Updater (?!).

    But maybe there need to know... how F-Secure SAFE was installed?! From Main F-Secure Safe?


    Anyway... I think (based on brief-search for "Winzip Driver update") that current software should be visible under Control Panel - List of Installed application. And should be available to removed/uninstalled by common steps.


    Or you have something another there?


    Sorry for my reply.



  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello Kjelllod,


    We do not bundle Winzip Driver Update. 
    This discussion from Micorsoft(older OS) might help you resolve the issue. 

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