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This release contains following applications that combined make the FS Protection PC product:

  • Common Component Framework 2.60.207
  • Antivirus 14.160.100
  • Browsing protection 2.160 build 3975

Fixed issues


  • Action Center missing arrow when there are more than 1 message (CTS-97468)
  • Common settings shows "Not successful" last check when no check yet made (CTS-97450)


  • SAFE_BUG-01148: FS Protection stops working after few minutes of activity (CTS-97421)
  • Windows 10 - Unable to turn on Real-Time Scanning from notification (CTS-97413)
  • Latvian localization is having "?" at the end of the string (CTS-97398)
  • Localization missing from submit sample -button (CTS-97397)
  • Scheduled Scan start flyer button wording confusing (CTS-97361)
  • Desktop background image does not support solid color (CTS-97432)

Browsing Protection:

  • Something wrong with Yahoo search and rating pictures result (CTS-97319)
  • Sample submission link should support unicode urls (CTS-97387)
  • Sample submission link isn't visible under Content Filter blockpages (CTS-97426)
  • Rating icon stop working for IE and Chrome(CTS-97458)

Dropped features:


  • Windows XP support is ending soon. We no longer accept bug reports from Windows XP. This version still installs on XP.




  • yeoldfartyeoldfart Posts: 517 Superuser

    thank you for the info, what's to expect practically for tha user ? more stability, speed... imo the product was already near perfection.

    Still no inplementation of F-S Vpn in it ?

  • VilleVille Posts: 523 F-Secure Employee



    This was a bugfix release, so no visible changes for the user, except the new banner customization. (Bye bye snow).


    F-Secure Freedome provides VPN support and we have no plans to integrate it to SAFE (fs protection) at the moment.



    (F-Secure R&D)


  • yeoldfartyeoldfart Posts: 517 Superuser

    I was thinking about Avast which gives a link to activate its VPN (not free)

  • Lord_AmiLord_Ami Posts: 68

    Thanks for the update. Went smooth as always :)

    New animation is cool!

  • UkkoUkko Posts: 3,220 Superuser



    Can I ask about some changes with current TP?




    If yes, so:


    --> Previously with clean installation (or related things) DNS Checker trigger notification "from first".

    With current TP... DNS Checker probably (?) will trigger notification just after re-connection or with next start of fshoster (fs protection)?

    Probably this is OK, but should it be like that?


    --> With current TP main safe-status logo under Main UI with small re-designed for "checker-scan-protection-picture-circle-action":  I get (?! or maybe it was with previous TPs too) that maybe this thing do not work with Windows Vista?
    Such as with one of system there was just safe-picture, but circle-action missing.

    Does it mean.. that feature support just modern systems (and not support Windows Vista) or there other requirements. Or there was something wrong? There - I do not mean... feature (from current TP), when circle-stopping-and-missing when we start scan by Scan Wizard.


    If no, so sorry for my ask.


    --Fresh banner nice, but frozen was perfect too-- :)

  • VilleVille Posts: 523 F-Secure Employee

    Hi @Ukko


    DNS checker should work like before - it should show flyer soon after installation is complete. Please create a bug report and attach fsdiag as always.


    The extra animation on the main UI uses too much CPU on old systems or virtual machines. It's disabled on those systems.



    (F-Secure R&D)


  • UkkoUkko Posts: 3,220 Superuser



    Thanks for response.


    Interesting... that today (with my re-try) DNS Checker work like before. After clean installation... with first seconds/minute after UI opened....  DNS Checker created notification.


    Basically I have fsdiag from yesterday situations.... "delay" with notification was about different installations (so it looks like stable) and I thought that it will be repeat again... but today all comes as before.


    I will try to think about it more and will create maybe report with previous fsdiags, when situations happened.


    Thanks again.

  • UkkoUkko Posts: 3,220 Superuser



    Maybe as additional for my previous reply (and report) under spoiler:



    Today I get same situation (clean installation and DNS Checker did not create notification after installation).

    But today... there was (?!) maybe related point (not sure... maybe this is same with previous situations too).


    When clean installation goes to step, where we have main UI and two modules after list of updates (NIF and ORSP).


    So... F-Secure NIF after installation was with temporary stuck for "not installed"-status (ORSP installed normally). In fact -- this is time to time happened.


    Such as:


    ""Installation of 'F-Secure Network Interception Framework Update 2016-03-21_01' : Not done, will retry""


    Changed to "installed"-status just when all next modules is downloaded. Installed briefly around this time.


    ""Installation of 'F-Secure Network Interception Framework Update 2016-03-21_01' : Success""


    Three/four minutes after downloaded NIF (and three minutes after "re-try" string).


    Maybe this is can be a reason for missing notification. But after this.. hour/hours (? will see - I did not restart system) DNS Checker do not create notification. I think this is will be just with restart/relaunch.


    Sorry for reply.






    DNS Checker created notification about Network is safe.. after three hours (from installation-time).

    During this time (I also) tried to re-swith from Ethernet to Wi-Fi connection (and back) - notification about this changes was missing. But tries was briefly.


    Later (with next try): DNS Checker did not create notification after installation anyway (F-Secure NIF installed from first with current try). But maybe there something else (or my network connection was with usage).

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