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I recently moved away from 2 Android devices and need to activate my license on 2 iOS devices, I am unable to transfer my license as per this article ( as I am doing it on iOS, please advise how I can do this?






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    Can I know how did you purchase this Freedome key from and is there any error message appear during the installation?


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  • I purchased the license via f-secures website. The error is no more licenses please purchase more. Which is because the license was associated with android devices. In an effort to fix this I did the transfer license on my mac and that has helped me free 1 license but still have one phone I can't use, mainly because I had to transfer the license under a new user.

    This is quite frustrating there should just be a page where I can deactivate a license and multiple users should be able to use freedome on the Mac for 1 license.
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    Hi Rougesquare,


    Since you have  a multidevice subscription then you should be able to install it other device now. For Windows and Mac we have an option to transfer the license key if you have used the maximum number of installation.The latest version download link from our website for Freedome shall give you this option.


    More for information on transfer key for Freedome click here.


    Thank you

  • The problem with this its already installed on my mac.  Which means I dont get the option to transfer the license.  I did try doing this under another user on my mac but that didnt work either.  Any suggestions?  There should be an easy way to delete devices.

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