Freedome running slow and causing trackpad errors OSX

Veganmod Posts: 1 New Member

Hi. I took my Mac to the Apple Store because my trackpad was randomly selecting and dragging and also I was experiencing slowness. The genius bar ran numerous hardware diagnostics and could find no faults. They advised I turned off FileVault. I have done this, but I'm still getting the same problem. Today I experienced problems logging onto a website using safari which was giving a 'server not found' error. As soon as I disconnected freedome, I was able to access the website. I'm based in Spain and use Freedome to connect to the UK, London VPN. Since disconnecting, I've noticed an increase in speed and I'm no longer experiencing random trackpad actions. I'm starting to suspect that it's freedome that's causing the problems. I'm running the latest version of OSX 10.11.3. The version of freedome I'm running is Beta 1.3.2915.0.


Any thoughts?


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