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I have been trying to full scan my computer but f-secure cant scan this file \APPDATA\LOCAL\TEMP\MIM3984.TMP. This file has been there only for couple days. The last part MIMXXXX.TMP changes to different numbers .


I deleted this file from temp and after from recycle bin. After that f-secure could not scan my recycle bin. Scan report said that there was some random file in my recycle bin (bin was empty) and this file could not be scanned.


After like 10 minutes, this APPDATA\LOCAL\TEMP\MIMXXXX.TMP came back to temp and f-secure scan did not find the invisible recycle bin file anymore.


I dont have any clue what is happening, should i be concerned?


  • Chameni
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    Sorry to hear about you having issues with our product. Regards to the scan, please ensure you have run the full scan using the recommended settings and you may refer here for the steps.


    If the issue persist, it is recommended to open a support ticket here so that our support engineer will be able to assist you further on this:


    Thank you.



  • confusednoob
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    Thanks for reply. I can run the full scan with no problems, but my f-secure can't scan this particular file. Do you have any idea what kind of reason there could be for this kind of a file to exist in my temporary files. Name of the file is MIMXXXX.TMP (the XXXX-part changes with different letters and numbers like MIMA3A6, MIM4557, etc etc).


    I can go to my temporary internet files and select this file but f-secure can't scan it. I can delete it and it goes in reycle bin but then I can't scan my recycle bin (even if i have emptied my bin). After some moments the MIM- file comes back in temporary files again.


    I have tried to search internet but i cant find any information about this kind of temporary internet file.

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