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After a change from F-Secure I have again installed SAFE.  I purchased 2x licenses one for use on my main desktop PC and the other for my Asus Notebook.  The first license is working OK on my PC but I cannot activate the second license on the notebook which has a trial copy of SAFE installed.  When I try to download I have a message which says installer cannot work on this device.

I have thought of waiting until the trial copy expires, is there another way ?

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    I assume you have different trial SAFE account than your paid account. The PC client can not merge different accounts or switch between them and will not allow you to install. You will have to uninstall the current client to remove account association (even if it's expired) and re-install with the paid account.



    (F-Secure R&D)


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    Tks for quick response Ville.  Can you clarify what is meant by 'current client'  Do you mean uninstall the trail version on the notebook.

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