Fake AV pretended F-secure?



I found a suspicious program disguised as F-secure, But too big to upload to F-secure.


You can donwload form here, RAR pack  <link removed>




Can you virus analyser inspect this file?




  • I think this is a pirated version. It has a keygen attached to the download. For legit and clean copies or just to be safe, I would download it from this site. Just to be in the safe side. 

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    Hello. From tentative check, it is truly a fake of FIS.  Proof as follows:


    1.Its copyright reads "Microsoft". As I know, F-secure is independent of MS . Why a FS product marked as MS?


    2. Strange Version number,   F-secure established many years ago.


    3.Product name as: laznisetup,rather than the formal "F-secure installer".




     I don't meant to spread pirate things, and are there any FS staff here ? Please analyse this counterfeit program.


    The size forbid me from uploading to FS virus analyser by WEB or Email.

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    Thanks for the heads-up.


    However posting direct links to samples to our community is not that good idea (even if the files are clean). The link was removed by one of our moderators.


    The correct way to submit samples of any kind to us is through our Sample Analysis System, found at: https://analysis.f-secure.com/portal/login.html


    If the file size limitation is the reason you couldn't use SAS, there's an email address on the SAS page you can use to get more quota for your username for the system.

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