Hi, Admin!


As a Freedome lover I wanted to suggest you about new features that you can make.


1. Auto update [from past versions there was a pop up  that informs you  that there is new version 2.later 3.cancel] but now can't see this i was using 1.0 I didn't knew that there is 1.1 or 1.2! Improve it.


2. Blacklist and Whitelist for Browsing Protection: as you see the number harmful and malicious websites are getting more and more, So we need to block some website and whitelist some [As a user], So it would be better to make them [Blacklist and Whitelist], we all need it


3. as another guy before me mentioned the feature [Make us as Freedome users able to disable VPN automatically when we visit some Websites Specially when some websites do not allow VPN] We hate this website, but we also need them


Living freedom By Using Freedome

Thanks = Love Freedome



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    Hi @Robert-brinkman,


    To keep you updated, I have moved your post to the Feature Requests board.

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    Hello Robert-Brinkman,


    Thank you for the feedback. Keep it coming.


    1.There are improvements coming on this front.

    2.We have already received this request a few times, but there are no immediate plan to implement such a feature.

    3.We will considered this feature in the future.

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    this a very good suggestion I sustain