Subscription cod is not being accepted. Need a previous e-mail or expired account deleted.




Deleted the trial account and now we're left with no way of inserting our subscription code.


We previously tried inserting the code via this method:


- Under "Renew your current subscription" Enter the following:
- Campaign name: box
- Subscription code: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX


An unused, totally legitmate code, supplied to us from our UK Distributors and comes directly from F-Secure conctasts is being rejected with the error code: "Code is invalid, please try again later".


We sought help via your live chat session and as always we're left waiting for a support representative to become free.


The F-Secure SAFE online account does not allow for the removal, update or addition of e-mail addresses and is very limited to say the least. If you had a previous account and you happened to purchase a new F-Secure SAFE subscription code, the system does not wish to deal with you. How many accounts does a user have to been registering to stay on using the program? 


We also deal with Bitdefender and Kaspersky platforms, however, our experiences with the F-Secure platform seems to be the most challenging due to the restrictions and limitations imposed on a user. Support wise, it is tediously difficult to get a prompt answer to any issues we may have.


Our issues detailed:

We need previous e-mails removed in order to register a new F-Secure Safe account.

We need our subscription code added to the account manually. For some reason it is not accepted it via user input alone.

We also require a prompt reply to our queries. We have sent e-mails and we're resorting to posting this via your forums.


8 or so days to respond to an e-mail query is totally unacceptable.


We need your help.


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    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi dtech,


    Welcome to our Community and thanks for your feedback on your current issue. I am sorry to hear about the delay in your replies. I have highlighted about your post to our support team in your respective case so that they can check on this further and get back to you.



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