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Robert-brinkman Posts: 18 Explorer

Hi guys from Freedom World!


After along use of Freedom I noticed that there is a feature "Tracker Mapper"

I was so exited to see what it is, but really I didn't used after the first time.

Why ??!!

Because it is so hard for me to "every 24 hours open it and open again and again"

for me the best is to make a normal list of trackers or return it as it was in the Beta version "Tracker Mapper in the same Windows"!!. Another Windows is annoying me a lot

And why not make a survey or share a poll in twitter ... how and how often people use it.

By this you can make the size of your app smaller much faster better performance


And another suggestion is to make a list of websites blocked from "Browsing Protection" feature to know that they are harmful "not visiting is again"


Our main goal is to improve the quality of your service


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