White-listing for specific URLs on User's end

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Because I respect Freedom's Terms of Service, and third-party's stances on proxy services, I wish F-Secure would address this by adding a simple white-listing feature. Basically, if certain websites (ie streaming video sites) wish to disrupt proxy connections to their servers, Freedom simply doesn't route my white-listed URLs from my private list through its VPN+proxy nodes. Why do I need this? Because I currently need to turn Freedom off every time I want to use that proxy-hating site, routing everything else without the VPN+proxy. If I watch this website (ie streaming site) frequently at my end point, this means I am rarely using Freedom, and not getting much out of my purchase.


  • Robert-brinkman
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    Very important features for us.!


    But there is something more important than this which is Adding White-listing "Exclude" for Browsing Protection, because there are so so many website that are blocked,

    And if you can tell us why this website are blocked, by a little description

    **we know how hard it may bee for you** but this is because we want to improve your service

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    Hi @freedome_fox and @Robert-brinkman,


    I have moved this post to the Feature Requests board since this was regarding the 'white-listing' feature in Freedome.


    I have also highlighted your post to our Freedome team regarding your request.