Had to reinstall Win 10. Now cannot reinstall SAFE

I am trying to reinstall SAFE on an unexpected win install due to a HDD failure. When I log in, I cannot do anything with the previous SAFE installs apart from rename them. There is no option to release them. And I can't add a new device as it tells me my subs has expired. I have 247 days left and 3 spare licenses. I have tried doing this as a support ticket but I just get some standard email about reinstalling and uninstalling. I tried the uninstall tool which did nothing.

Can anyone here please help before I ask for a refund?


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,674 Superuser

    So, just to clarify, when you login to your SAFE Portal, and click on one of the installed devices, do you get the screen below, but without the 'Release license' link?  There is also an option to 'Refresh' an installed device on my SAFE screen for another device which isn't currently installed.





  • hi, I just get an option to rename the device under settings.

  • it says that the device is unprotected too. Probably because I am unable to actually install the software
  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,674 Superuser
    It sound like Support may have to check out your license and perhaps release one manually. I'm not sure why they would have recommended an uninstall / reinstall if you made it clear that the product cannot be installed.

    I would.probably be inclined to follow up their reply with another email, perhaps referring them to this thread, and clarify that the product is not installed.
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