I dont like Fs Protection Activated bar


When you go to a bank page and the activated bar shows up it kinda blocks the open tabs so it would be nice if you can make the adressfield green instead so you dont "hide" the tabs and risking to see the activated bar coming down. You dont want to be careful while surfing trying to avoid the bar coming down. It would be nice if it looks as normal as possible.


  • yeoldfart
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    I agree, it should be less obtrusive

  • Ukko
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    There probably was "some kind of" workaround: BP-flyer should to create taskbar-picture. And if we choose this taskbar-picture... flyer should be totally hidden and protection still work. Not sure about all configurations, but normally work with Windows 10 and Internet Explorer 11 (as example). There can be some of specific results too.


    Current step-workaround can be helpful with meanings - that if not enough "hidden-status by default" - possible to use "workaround" and flyer should be not visible (and protection still work).


    But most likely... BP-flyer and other things around will be re-designed as most "asked" features. Not sure which view of BP-flyer (or notification or something else) can be totally nice.


    I have some of other trouble-points around: re-opening (?!) for banking session (re-create action for flyer, when flyer is active already) and some of potential steps for stuck flyer with "just partly" hidden-view.

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