Settings screen blank on iOS 7 after latest update

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Platform: iPad 3, iOS 7.1.1

Freedome 2.4.0 for iOS

Freedome could not connect to server after upgrade of app to V2.4.0 today.

App prompted me to try turning on and off VPN in iOS Settings which didn't work.

App also prompted to try removing profile from iOS settings and then relaunch Freedome to reinstall profile.

I removed the profile and relaunched Freedome.

Freedome said that the VPN was under device control and to change this in the Freedome settings screen.

I went to the Freedome settings screen and found it was blank except for the blue title bar

I tried a restart of the iPad but this did not work.  

Normally, at this point I would delete and reinstall the app but I know that if I do this I will lose my licence. Any advice? Thanks in advance.


  • accuor
    accuor Posts: 12 Enthusiast

    A little more info...

    I went back to that blank Freedome settings screen and noticed a vertical scrollbar.

    I scrolled down the blank screen a long, long way and saw a slider control which was turned 'On'. It had no caption. 

    I turned it to the 'Off' position and at that point was prompted to install a profile.

    The VPN connection is now working again but the Settings screen is still blank and I can't find that little slider control now.

    How do I go back to running 'under device control' again. And how do I get my Freedome Settings screen back again?

    Thanks again.

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