Feature request: VPN Kill Switch

iamDavid Posts: 4 Observer

Please consider implementing an option to enable a VPN Kill Switch for Freedome on OS X.


(no connections allowed when VPN is not connected.)



  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi @iamDavid,


    Just to keep you informed, I have moved your post to the relevant board for Feature Requests.

  • irishpaddy
    irishpaddy Posts: 1 New Member

    hey david whats the update on the kill switch feature, as i also believe its an absolute MUST. because simply getting disconnected from the Internet and your computer reveals your IP, location,website.. i will be keeping an eye on this  feature as i wont be satisfied with freedom VPN until its implemented. 

  • MargosDezerian
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    Yeah very useful and important feature! 

  • Robras43
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    Please add auto cutoff switch to all internet connectivity if the Freedome protected connection should drop. I have lost my Freedome protected connection numerous times without knowing and then all of my traffic becomes fully exposed to my ISP. In the USA ISP's are now allowed not only to log every IP address you connect to but now are allowed to sell this personal information for profit to 3rd parties. I'm sure everyone using Freedome VPN is doing so to assure their traffic is private and encrypted and do not wish to have their ISP's collect their private information. This feature is offered by some other VPN providers but most are more difficult to set up and use. This would help move Freedome towards the top of the pack.



  • samssam
    samssam Posts: 1 New Member

    Kill Switch for Mac OS and iOS.


    No internet traffic unless connected to the VPN server (for iOS no cellular traffic either!). One needs to quit the app or turn kill switch off from settings to allow traffic without VPN connection.

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    Hello Everyone,


    Just to update you all, there is a recent reply from @Ben regarding this topic here.