Why router check up tool is being updated for more than a month?


Hi, whenever i click the router check , it shows that it is being updated . Is it a bug in my system or it is actually being delayed due to update.

                                 I want to try this tool to check my router. grc.com says, no vulnerbility. Avast finds vulnerability. As a safe check, i tried this tool and everytime i am greeted with a program being updated page.



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    Hi @jraju,


    I have moved your post to the relevant board.


    We are currently updating our Router Checker. However, there is currently no exact date for the webpage to be available with the updated version.

  • jraju
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    Hi, will wait and no other go.

     Normally separate application update would not take that much time. So,i asked.

    Would you please say, whether the router check up is included in your free antivirus.

    Would you please supply the link, from where could i get a idea of the tool, how it scan, what are customers responses and so on.


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