Freedome not working fully

winter17 Posts: 1 New Member

I have been using this application on windows 10 for nearly a month now and I have only 1 problem and that is I can't go online on steam. For the first 2 weeks, it was working fine, I can go online, play games online, ping was below 50, everything was ok. After the said time, I couldnt go online anymore, and if I could, maybe for 5 minutes only, and after that I will get disconnected from game server. I'm not sure if this is after and update or what not. Most of my friends are using this vpn service and its working fine for them, they never encountered this issue. Using lan at 100mbs speed. Is there any solution for this. And this is the only issue I have, I could go online on origin. Do i have to go premium?


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