Freedome not working since last update



The software has being updated to v1.2.2729.0 and it's not working anymore. I'm on windows 8, 64bits.

Is there a way to go back to previous version?






  • I have the same problem (in Windows 10). And failed to re-install after uninstallation; a message said that test period is over although I have a valid code (paid). But no place to insert that information. Would very much appreciate to know how to resolve this problem.

  • I solved my issue : I un-install and re-install the software, and it worked fine.


    To insert your code, you need to go in the section who is just before the help, and there is a button for that.

  • Yes, it re-installs but allways the new, bad version! No improvement so far.

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi @Maaria and @cecile,


    Could you share the errors(screenshots) you are facing with this version?


    PS: I move the thread to the more suitable part of our community.

  • I didn't had any error message, this was just not connecting to any country.

  • There is no error sign. Freedome just does not open. When clicking on the icon on the low toolbar of applications, only a small white square appears on the screen. I cannot get out of Freedome the normal control screen (with help, tracking, subscription etc). It does not open.

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert



    Could you open a support request including an fsdiag in order for our team to investigate these issues.

    Please refer to this thread in your message.


    You'll also be able to download the previous version here.

  • Hi Ben, I downloaded the earlier version and it works! But with so many un- and re-installations, I ended up consuming the certificats for the rest of my five subscriptions (I think there was only one left unused). 

    Instead of asking for transfer and having to re-install Freedome to all appliances again, I decided to pay another subscription. Yet, I have no idea why an upgrade proposed by F-Secure might have consumed a subscription. Next time I won't accept upgrades, only updates! Thanks!

  • The transfer of license should be used as it will reset the counter back to 0. All other devices which are still in use, will reactivate automatically. There is no reinstallation needed on the other devices.

  • OK, thanks! Next time I'll know how it works. You know, it always costs money not to know how things work. ;-)

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