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I have upgraded to the latest version of the program and now it wont run, I got the message about installing the new driver this i have done, and i rebooted now it wont run, the service is not starting either and i have attempted to start the service manualy but it wont, I am under windows 7

Plesae help


Cliff C



  • Further information I have also attempted to roll back windows to before the install and remove the previous version then do a new install of version 1.2.2729.0 after the restart the program asks for there is no freedome Icon in the task bar, if I attempt to restart the service manually, I get the error message that the service has started then stopped again. Please help this is the 2nd time I have this issue after an upgrade, last time I had to have a new code issues

    Cliff Cook
  • Laksh
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    Hi Cliff,


    Please open a support ticket in order to further investigate on this issue by our support team.

  • Hi


    I have already done this and i have just sent back the log files requested by the support team





  • Hi

    I have also upgraded to the latest verson of the program, the program is starting but  will not start the protection. i have tried the solution that is posted on your webside "Freedome for Windows requests for reboot or
    fails to connect with an error message" but that solution doesn`t work for me.

    My pc is running Windows 10 and the program worked just fine until the latest update of the program.

    Hope you can help me to find a solution fast.

         Stig Tore


  • stitmoe
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    Hi cliffc!

    Have your problems with this program been fixed?


  • cliffc
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    I opened a support ticket as suggested and eventualy i was told to check a reg entry, allthough i was not officaly told, becaue i have some IT knowlage, i work in support, so i chainged the reg entry to what support told be it should be,re booted and this allowed Fsecure to work again,

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