Freedom on iPhone 6 plus not active when screen is locked.

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I have Freedome installed on an iPhone 6 plus wth IOS 9.2.1. When the iPhone is on locked screen it seems Freedome is switched off and because of not being connected to the VPN I can not receive messages (Mail, Whatsapp etc.) When I unlock the iPhone, Freedome needs to make a connection first, that takes quite a bit of time and sometimes I need to do this manualyy. Very annoying, I assume it should be switched on all the time, even when the iPhone is in sleep modus?


Sometimes, when i close all applications that run in the background, the VPN switches on. Are there known apps that interfere with Freedome?


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    Hi Junoburger,


    Concerning the "keep alive" problem you are facing you could try our beta version as described in this article.


    There is no clear known applications list which would interfere with Freedome, however other VPN app might create issues. If you know which one is creating the issue don't hesitate to mention it here.

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