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I have recently downloadedand installed the latest version of Freedome on my laptop ( home ) and my iPhone ( out and about ).


To the best of my knowledge a VPN kind of helps when it comes to online security.


My question is this ... If for example I select Argentina on my iPhone but I am really in the UK ( or where ever ) ... will I be charged for using my iPhone abroad whilst on 4G ? .


I am sorry if this seems a silly question I am honestly unsure as to how VPN works but kind of understand that for security its a good option ... Just curious and thought better to ask before being handed what could be a massive bill at the end of a month.


Thank you in advance .


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    Hi Nectarface,


    Depending on your local country and your local 4G network, your data charges remain local. VPN only creates a virtual exit node (ie the location you've selected) to mask your actual location. As long as you are connected to the Internet via 4G in your local country, there shouldn't be any extraordinary charges on top of your usual 4G charges regardless of the location selected on Freedome VPN.


    If you leave your local country, then data roaming charges apply.

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