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-We hope that you add to the download page a "change log" or whats new in that version.

-Make all versions available for download even old versions.

-Write Windows Application version in Help panel or about




-I have some problems with CPU Usage and it gets to high when Freedom UI Try to connect

-When my PC is disconnected from internet source Freedom starts to send data i don't know to where or why.


*Windows10 Freedom 1.0



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    Hi Robert-brinkman,


    Is Freedome 1.0 the full version number of the product installed on your device? Freedome 1.0 seems to be an old version of Freedome installed. Have you tried to upgrade to our latest version and see how it works?


    And thanks for your suggestions; I will pass on your feedback to our Product team. You can find the Freedome app version under Help when you open the product or by right clicking the icon in the system tray and selecting About.

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