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    I bought cover last November 2015.  Have never been covered and am still waiting despite much communication.  Why is it so difficult to make contact with F-secure?  I intend to go on to Trustpilot to warn other potential customers to think very carefully before getting involved with this dodgy outfit.

  • Simon
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    @Allu78 wrote:
    Now i lost my freedome linecse which i had more than one year left due to formatting my hard disk. Cant find license anywhere. This kind of data should be in one place and customer should be able to change his email whenever it suits the customer not the company! BASIC STUFF



    Sorry, but I have to disagree with this.  As I commented in another thread, it's really your own responsibility to keep your license key safe, and it isn't the company's fault if you've lost it through a format, as you should have taken a backup of important data beforehand.  That's bit like blaming your car manufacturer if you lose your car keys!


    That said, I sympathise with your complaint that things have taken a long time to get sorted, and I do hope that someone from F-Secure reads this, and is able to help.

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