Computer dead and all data lost

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My trusty "old" computing system died and took all my saved data wth it (to wherever the souls of dead computers go).  I've a new-to-me computing system and wish to intall the F-Secure products which have time remaining on their licenses; but all the electronic-mail messages, program folders and text files pertaining to those products are gone with the wind.


What should I do?  Help!  Thank you.


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    Hi Flyvapnet,


    I would recommend to contact our support team regarding your enquiry, so that they can assist you further in this.

  • Flyvapnet
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    A link would have been helpful.


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    I do not want to be an advertising troll person but, I have Prosoft's engineering's Data Rescue it has worked many, many times. I have even used the Mac Version to recover PC Data in the past. It used to be really affordable and did not come with a drive. It now has a drive with Firewire etc  here is the link to that service.


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    I've been using Acronis backup software for a while, and whilst I find it a complete pain in the whatsit, as it slows down my PC each time it takes a backup, I do draw some comfort from the fact that my files are as safe as I can keep them. That said, I've never actually needed to recover anything, as yet, so I'll reserve judgement on it's recovery capabilities.
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