Booster causing start up problems

I'm having problems with start up after I've had a "clean up" with Booster.. 

If I shut down and restart I get a message: " the user profile service failed the login"

"user profile cannot be loaded"

The only way I can get my 'puter to start is by starting in safe mode and using system restore to go back to an earlier date.

Any suggestions? Or should I just scrap Booster as a bad job and uninstal it?

It seems an expensive way to foul up my system so I left it for a few days and did not have any further problems so it has to be Booster that's the problem.


  • philo
    philo Posts: 4 New Member

    I hoped that I might get some suggestions from here but it looks as though I'm on my own.

    I can't risk having a "meltdown" so I'll just delete Booster. What a waste of £££'s 

    Can I get a refund?


  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,224 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi philo,


    Sorry for not getting back to you earlier regarding your post. Can you please open a support ticket or chat with our support team in order to investigate this further.


    Are you still seeing this error 'the user profile service failed the login'? If yes, and if Booster is still installed on the computer, I would recommend to check with our support team on this.

  • philo
    philo Posts: 4 New Member

    Thank you. I've done as you suggested. I was given a trial of FSecure from my service provider, Virgin, and was impressed with it so decided to try Booster. I wish I hadn't  now because my computer is definitely slower and I've had a lot of other problems since installing Booster. Just niggly things like the screen freezing for a few seconds. I didn't have these problems before installing Booster.  My machine is not two years old yet and has more than enough oomph for what I use it for so I'm not impressed. If the problem can't be fixed easily I will just put it down to experience and uninstall Booster and not trust Virgin recommendations in the future.


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