Is it just me being a bit dense, or do others get confused with the many varying products offered by


Why do fsecure have so many different programes, some of which seem to do the same jobs, others have name change and still seem the same? Why don't the publishers get their heads together, create a mega update of a single, on its own, security solution which incorporates all the software on current release, with one licence, one key or one activation  and that denotes the required parts of the single application the user wishes to subscribe to?

Come on, dont complicate everything. The programes I have installed or used are in the main, absolutely great. I just lose track of what does what. It's supposed simplify, streamline, be it's own assett and run by itself to make life easier.


I remember when PCs were first introduced. I was still growing up, playing up, slipping up and generally cocking up. Most were trivial and unimportant. Then I realised that to really mess things up where my actions created panic & mayhem..... oh yes..... I NEEDED A COMPUTER!


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    I fully agree with you, Sandrea16!  I don't even know what my F-Secure product is named, since there are so many different product names floating about.  We're not (nor should we be) paying for bamboozling terminology but rather for clarity and uniformity of purpose.  Get you  act together, F-Secure, please!  Get organized!  Thank you.


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    Hello Flyvapnet and Seandrea16.


    Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded it internally.

    You can review the key features and functions of our product and this page.
    And see the comparison of some of our products here.


    We are always trying to satisfy all of our customers by providing as many functionality bundled under one product(ie. Safe) and the possibility to purchase and use only what you want to(separate products). 




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