Losing network frekvently on Windows 10

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I have quite frequently ( 10 times 2 month) permanently losing network on my PC.
Have not had any problem on my Ipad and Iphone during this period.
After many attempts to find the fault , I by process of elimination come to the conclusion that it is the Freedome VPN Tap -driver that fails.
The appeal that there is no available drivers.
I have the found when it happens.
After uninstalling Freedome network came back, but after some days the problem was back.
I normally use Avast Antivirus ( Basic) , but the last time I lost the network was it was not
installed because of system resets due to network problems.
Grateful for the help as it hurts me a lot.


2016-02-09 Network_fail.jpg

kennybe, Sweden


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    Hi @kennybe,


    I have moved your post to the respective board for Freedome.


    Regarding your issue, does the interruption in the network happen randomly? Or does it occur during specific times? If there is no network connection, does Freedome show any error message?


    What location does Freedome connect to when there is no network connection? Have you tried to change the location and see if the network connection is restored?

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