Releasing license does not solve the problem, what to do?



I renewed my F Secure Safe 2nd February  and as far as I understood the update should happen automatically within a couple of hours. However, it has not.
I use MacBook and by clicking the F secure icon on the top of the right corner I can only clic "open F-secure safe" (not for example the 'check for updates' as it is in a light grey. When I sign in there comes a text "you have no licences available".  I have tried to release a licence but after signing in I merely get the message that "something went wrong. try again later". 


  • Chameni
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    I'm sorry to hear about your SAFE renewal issues. Regarding your SAFE license issue, could you please open a support ticket as our support team would be able to better check on your account details and advise further?


    Please click here to open a support ticket.



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