marit Svarva enebakk nick name LiljaMarita

I can't get instadgram and Facebook becouse google have hide apps and program but it use cookies l am sick and tierd of this program please help l get whit me one apps google have hide thanks


  • LiljaMarita
    LiljaMarita Posts: 2 New Member

    It's a cause here and sorry to peake some but google will have power.what can l do to get instadgram and Facebook and many other acconts google have hidden




  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,224 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi LiljaMarita,


    May I know which F-Secure product have you purchased? Is your issue related to any of the F-Secure products?

  • Seandrea16
    Seandrea16 Posts: 9 Observer
    sorry I cant help with your issues but your English is, ....well its sort of understandable but mainly... it's funny and made me chuckle.
    Please dont be offended, that isnt my intention!
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