F-Secure Internet Security 2015/F-Secure Safe

Although I am using a valid copy of F-secure Internet Security, My F-Secure indicates that I m using F-secure SAFE and indicates an expired application. Can you please explain?. Thanks


  • Laksh
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    Hi @Blackhawk247,


    To keep your informed, I have moved your post to the Security board.


    Did you purchase FSIS or F-Secure SAFE for your computer? If you have purchased SAFE, have you tried to login to your portal and check on your account details?

    If you have not purchased SAFE, but only have purchased FSIS, did you install SAFE (may be a trial version) in your computer anytime?

  • Hyacinth
    Hyacinth Posts: 1 New Member

    I am having difficulty since latest update of Windows and fsecure on my iPad. It seems specific to trying to log into my account with Yorkshire bank. The page says the Y B certificate is out of date ,but it is not.

    I can use Safari,but I am paying for fsecure safe.

  • Blackhawk247
    Blackhawk247 Posts: 11 Observer

    Thank you for you quick reply. I purchased only FSIS but DID go to the FSIS web site to see what is the difference between FSIS and F-secure SAFE. No download was done. I've searched my system for any other install from F-secure and found nothing but FSIS. It seems like I can not find any  where on the F-secure web site of my FSIS purchase as though F-secure SAFE took over all records of my FSIS purchase.

    When I log on to the website with my name and password, it indicates my subscription expired for F-secureSAFE (not FSIS) yet I still have until 8/19/2016 for 3 computers. A bit confusing.

  • Blackhawk247
    Blackhawk247 Posts: 11 Observer

    Be advised... I have a working subscription for 3 computers for FSIS not F-SecureSafe. I am sorry if I mis stated this on my prior message. I've NEVER downloaded, or installed the F-secure SAFE yet I receive notices that my F-secure SAFE is no longer protecting my system. As long as my FSIS works till 8/9/2016, I will ignor any further notifications concerning  F-Secure Safe.

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