F-Secure is probably crashing RoboForm in Windows


Hello F-secure,


At first; do I need to write in English or Dutch here? This is the first time in 2 day's I'm able to post a question somewhere and your community-support@f-secure.com is nothing but auto-responding-and-not-reacting to my e-mails. Besides, your FAQ at https://community.f-secure.com/t5/help/faqpage/faq-category-id/posting#posting isn't helpfull eighter, as there should be a "Nieuw bericht" button somewhere but it is nowher to be found ~ actually this is the fisrt one I could see.

At first I tryed to post this question at: https://community.f-secure.com/t5/Beveiliging-voor/tkb-p/beveiliging_voor_pc%40tkb/label-name/anti-virus%20for%20pc?labels=anti-virus+for+pc but I cant, so I'm posting my question (I guess I need to type in English) here. Sorry if it is on the wrong bord but as you probably understand I see no other way than posting it here.


So now my real question:

From the beginning of January I have trouble with my RoboForm (www.roboform.com) application, it is crashing at unpredictable moments. As probable cause your anti-virus software is mentioned. This is somewhat logical because RoboForm as a password manager is reading and filling passwords and forms for me on a certain security level that would trigger a virus-scanner like yours.

At first I asked RoboForm support, the only thing they could see has been the following, and I quote:
"Unfortunately RoboForm crash report only shows something could spoil RoboForm data as memory corruption or wrong reference counting leads to crashing within ntdll, we can neither detect what exactly F-Secure does.
Moreover, F-Secure is only an assumption, we don't blame it on F-Secure, though, we'd like you to check it out as security software is a common cause of crashes of this kind."


Technical details:

OS: Windows 10.0 build 10586

RoboForm: version (nl-dutch, NLD)

F-Secure for Windows: version 14.115 build 102

  • Anti-Virus 11.00 build 20240
  • Beheeragent 8.30 build 43141
  • DeepGuard 5.0 build 580
  • E-mail filteren 1.02 build 14400
  • Gebruikersinterface 11.00 build 356

Note: I can provide you with te crash-reports generated by RoboForm, but I won't do that on a publict forum as it might contain private data.


So can you help solving this issue?


Thanks in advance,


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Sorry to redirect you without an answer, but I think it might be best of you were to submit a Support Ticket with this issue, giving as many details as you can.  You should include a diagnostics file from the Support Tool, which will help the tech guys look into your system, and you can probably also upload your Roboform crash reports within the support form.

  • Denninger
    Denninger Posts: 2 New Member

    Thanks for your help Simon,


    I just managed to post my support ticket! Smiley Happy

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