Low speed with Freedome but not with Tunnel bear

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I have been very happy with Freedome.

But now I note very low speeds when using Freedome, around 0,2 Mb/s.

If I switch to Tunnel Bear I get around 4-5 Mb/s, and if I switch of my VPN:s altogether and use my present Wifi connection in Spain, I get 5-8 Mb/s.


I have sought solutions on your community site but as of yet not found anything useful. Most recently I tried Flush DNS (https://community.f-secure.com/t5/F-Secure/My-network-connection-suddenly/ta-p/66007, to no avail for speeding up my Freedome.


Do you have any other suggestions I could try. I would like to revert to FreeDome if I can.


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    Hello Bbeijer,


    Could you give us more details on the platforms you are using and if the problem occurs on every virtual location or simply one?

  • bbeijer
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    Hello Ben, I am using Win 10 on an I7 laptop. I am travelling abroad. Also on my Android Phone Galaxy ote 3 and  and Samsung Tab S. I use the VPN from one and same place, which has an average slow Wifi (7-9 MBS).I mostly use the VPN to enable for my wife to watch TV from home.  Initially my Freedome worked fine. But after a few days it slowed down a lot on all three platforms, making TV reception jumpy. But only using Freedome, not the other VPN I am trying. So I am quite puzzled. Any suggestions to bring my Freedome up to speed again would be highly appreciated.

  • bbeijer
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    No help as of yet
  • bbeijer
    bbeijer Posts: 4 New Member

    I am using the Swedish connection. Will retry.

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