Compile your software to 64-bit world, please!

z-r0 Posts: 1 New Member

Would be awesome if you could compile your software to run in 64-bit mode. The current practice is against Apple recommendations (see: and the F-Secure is one of the last few to use 32-bit executables in OS X along with Dropbox desktop client. Why would we do this, you might ask? Here is why: "In OS X v10.6 and later, most built-in apps are 64-bit. The first time you run a 32-bit application, all of the 32-bit framework slices must be loaded into memory. This means that loading older, 32-bit-only applications causes significant memory pressure, particularly on computers with limited RAM. This often outweighs the additional memory impact caused by larger data structures." I hope you at least consider this. Thank you!