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I've changed my employer and so my mail address also changed - is there a way to change the address? I could not find any settings to do so


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  • Simon
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    Where do you want to change it?  If it's your account on the forum, you'll need to contact @Ben or one of the other forum Admins by PM.  If it's your F-Secure account, I think you'll need to raise a Support Ticket and they will change it for you.  

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello China-Dragon,


    We cannot currently change your email address in our community account. So for community account you would just need to create a new account. Once this is done we can deactivate the former account.


    For other F-secure account, as Simon mentioned, please get in touch with our support.

  • hung_jury
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    This is not too impressive .... out of about 20 primary email addresses I've changed F-Secure seem to be the only one unable to do this. Maybe with future advances in coding this may be possible!!

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