How to list our website as safe to browse


Hi All,

We have our domain, which is clean and doesn't contain any kind of virus/malware.

How can we have the same to appear in safe to browse category?

Looking forward for valuable guidance.

Warm regards,

Chander Pal



  • Vetraci
    Vetraci Posts: 156 Adventurer

    Not sure what you are exactly looking for but...


    check out this link: Submit samples, files, URLs, false positives, incorrectly rated websites to F-Secure.

  • ChanderPal
    ChanderPal Posts: 2 New Member

    Thanks, Folks! I have submitted our website as suggested.


    Really appreciate the quick responses.

  • bloomnbud
    bloomnbud Posts: 1 New Member

    i just submitted my website for safe browser via direct link so how much time it take to get approved .




  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi bloomnbud,


    It depends how you reported the false positive. Did you provide as much information as possible by selecting  the "I want to give more details about this sample and to be notified of the analysis results" tick box?


    Our agents handle the submitted samples and apply the correction as fast as possible, usually a few hours.

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