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I have 3 mobiles with F-Secure SAFE. I have used to send SMS "#locate#my_code" to them if I want to know where that phone (and one of my under 10 years) kid is. Now it won't work. I have checked and triple checked the code on mobile(s) in question and it is correct. Won't work. Whatta hell I'm doing wrong? BTW. Your support site nicely put sucks. Here's practically nothing useful information, or it's from 2011 etc. (still relevant?), and things that would be useful like product manuals/instructions can't be found anywhere. Tried English and on Finnish, N/A. Also, tried to launch chat on your site, opens new browser window with something called "logmein" and when trying read that, the page just goes blank. F5 etc. won't reload it. Did several times, no success. Maybe some fine tuning might be necessary... Otherwise Safe has been stable and working on android, so kudos at least for that.


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    Hi @RPi


    Since you are using the F-Secure SAFE, you will be able to locate the Mobile Phone using the Finder feature on the F-Secure SAFE page. Once login to your account, you just need to click on your current device and that will give you an option for Finder. This will helps you locate, unlock, wipe and sound an alarm. By using this features in SAFE, you do not need to send the #locate# command as before anymore.


    Click here for more information about the Finder features in F-Secure SAFE.


    Thank you.

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    I tried that new "My F-Secure" and few notes. Whoever thought that this is better solution than just sending or re-sendind SMS in smartphone did not thought this to the end. - My F-Secure site is slow (I have 250Mbs line at home, 100/100 at work, no difference). Locate function saying "this might take some time" is correct. With SMS the answer came usually within 10-30 seconds. Now it really takes time or it just FAILS without locating. - It is overall crashy, site gives "502 Bad Gateway nginx" coming now and then. - Using the "finder/locate" option is way slower than it was with SMS, also many times it won't even find the mobile, just gives errors (randomly) either "Session expired" althoug I have logged in the portal less than 2 mins ago! Or this error: "The device is unreachable. There was a configuration issue on the device. Please try again after a while". Well, then wait some time and it might or might not work. - Using My F-Secure with smartphone (Lollipop 5.0.2, Full HD display, fast LTE connection) is just pain in the ass. Has anybody even tested the site on anything else than Windows computer? - On smartphone if the locating works, the map opens in small screen (also same on computer, not able to max it to browser). "Old" SAFE with SMS did receive coordinates that opened directly to my favourite map application. Now you can't even see the coordinates anywhere. So, Fix the product, keep the mysafe portal (and fix it) but bring the SMS commands back, locate, lock, alarm... Currently, the verdict for mysafe portal is "it just sucks".
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