Why DNS Leaks

Robert-brinkman Posts: 18 Explorer

I was very happy that i tested your VPN services and depending on my tests I detected that you do not leak Dns or you can say it is logs, But after Updating to the new version 1.1.2531.0 I detected that there are some leaks to some Google Netherlands servers.


So we hope that is a bug ro a critical error and could be solved


If not and it was your choise "We don't think that" that you decided to leak info about us. So We hope you to delete this thing as soon as possible because it contradicts with your purpose. You should be saving our data from leaking "and thank you for that" but leaking info may not be such a good choise.


at the end i didn't test on many PCs or Mobile Phone or Macs But


You "Community Members" can check DNSLeak by visiting This website DNSleaktest.com and there are some other choises you can decide yourself to check and we Appreciate if you can attach a photo "screenshot" after checking for that or copy and paste the dnsleak servers name Here, Thanks!


Thanks for Community Managers to explain for us that a personal problem or all members have this issue and give us something clear



  • imod
    imod Posts: 3 New Member
    After testing I found the freedome leaks dns, it shows the country and ip sever, at other time it is secure. Can you explane whats going on.
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