Banking Protection ignores exception list

Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has the problem where the banking protection activates even though you've added the domain to the exception list? Everytime I go to, it activates, totally ignoring the fact that the domain has been added to the exception list, and is identical to what's displayed in the address bar.


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    Sorry for my reply.

    But does you mean something like that:


    -> You added website-URL to exception list under Banking Protection settings window (under main Browsing Protection window). As "allow"-part of exception list?


    Potentially your experience related with how it should to work.


    If you think that current URL should not triggered Banking Protection - potentially there required steps for using F-Secure SAS (sample URL transferring for re-rate current website and as result... drop-status for BP trigger).


    But if it's just your decision about. Potentially.. on current time... there just can be manual "stop" banking protection session each time.


    Because current exception list probably "designed" for next meanings (on current time):


    -> If during Banking Protection session any of pages goes be blocked with reason (BP is active and current page not fully trusted) - you able to add current page as "exception". And you will be able to visit the page during Banking Protection time.

    Such as ... "allow" to visit this page (by any of time).


    Or block some pages (for any of tries) - if you think that current URLs can be suspicious for you.


    Sorry if I wrong understand your situation and sorry for not nice English.


    Not sure.. but usually there more popular, when someone want to "add" activate-process for some of pages, when it's not triggered BP by default. :)

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    Thanks for quick response. 


    Essentially, the problem is that when I visit the website, the baking protection triggers even though the site is safe.  I've added it to my own safe list, and when I first bought this version of fsecure, I submitted the URL to fsecure for rating.  It's an issue that's been happening for months, and I marked the URL as safe many months ago.


    Really, my issue with it, is that if I add a site to the exception list, then it should be excluded from banking protection - there's not much point in having a list if it's going to be ignored by the system.

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