F-Secure internet security not detecting the shortcut virus - Critical issue

Dear  All,


F-Secure not detecting the shortcut virus.did a full scan and it says no harmful items found but when i plug in a usb device.all the folders are converted to shorcuts.virus hides the folders and create shortcuts.i also noticed hidden vbs file in the usb drive.i had to remove "wscript.exe" manually to overcome this issue.but i don't think that is the most suited solution.one of our customers' computer lab machines were infected with this this virus and we had to clean about 50 machines manually to secure his bussiness.all of his customers who plug thier usb drives to this lab machine were also infected.so,this is a critical issue.Please release a patch ASAP.


Thank you




  • Laksh
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    Hi asanka,


    Have you tried to do a scan of your USB using our F-Secure program? Did the scan show any detections?


    If you suspect it is caused due to the wscript.exe file, could you submit a sample of the file to our labs for analysis and detection? The labs can then check the file and provide the results.



  • I have a browser virus that started in January 2016 and opens advert sites when I click on website links. Sometimes it creates a voice asking me to call a telephone number. here is one of the advert sites:XXXXXXXXXXXXXX


    This is despite having F Secure SAFE. I visited a public library with a USB stick a few days before, which may or may not (I suspect not) be the source of the infection. What can I do?



  • Laksh
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    Hi @StephenC,


    Have you tried to do a scan of your USB drive to check for any infections using F-Secure SAFE? For your browser virus, is there any extension which is installed on your browser (which might be the cause of this)?


    Have you tried to run a full computer scan of your computer using F-Secure SAFE? I would recommend to open a support ticket with our labs so that they can investigate further on this. Please do enable the option 'I want to give more details about this sample and to be notified of the analysis results' so that you can receive more information about the sample submitted.


  • I do not know if there is an extension to my browser that is the cause - how would I tell?  


    I suspect the problem may be elsewhere, as it recurs with different browsers (google chrome and Internet Explorer).


    I have opened a support ticket using the link you gave.

  • The virus scan report says "No harmful items found." - no luck there. The virus does seem to be operating a little less efficiently today, but it is clearly still there.

  • asanka
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    Hi stephan,

    First go to run and then type msconfig,go to start up tab check if there are any suspicious startup item.if you find anything just delete it from the start up.go to browser plug ins or add ons check if there any suspicious add ons.delete them if you find any.go to taskmanager check if there are any suspicious processes running.try locating the exe files, if you find anything.just delete them(you have to end the processes before deleting them) and submit the sample to f secure.to get rid of short cut virus forever,just delete all the wscript.exe files from the system folder.
  • I resolved this after a fashion by doing a System restore and deleting google chrome.

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