Can't get 'Safe' to start properly after system restore on Windows Vista


Have obtained F-Secure Technical Support 'Ticket' but am getting no response!

Following 'Volume of Errors Check' on Windows Vista (32Bit Home PremiumSmiley Frustratedervice Pack 2) found my 'Profile' corrupted. Restored C/Drive to 2 weeks previous in Safe Mode. Re-installed Mozilla Firefox 43.01. So now everything works again except F-Secure Safe. When click on F-Secure Icon on Desktop - window opens but 'waiting' rondel just keeps rotating continuously.

Do I need to re-install 'Safe'?  If so, before attempting to uninstall current malfunctioning version first, do I need to download 'Un-installation Tool' or should it simply uninstall by right clicking 'Uninstall' option in registry?

Also, installed current 2015 version of Safe' direct from Portal so have no download saved on file.Have 3 months subscription left on current contract, but if I try to re-install via portal will I encounter any re-subscription issues? Lot of questions, I know, but can someone help?


  • Radish
    Radish Posts: 2 New Member

    Thanks Simon.

    Have now 'co-incidentally' recieved email from F-Secure Technical Support detailing methods/options. Will try these which essentially are the same as you have outlined. Will keep posted.

    Have just completed re-installation & works fine. However did need to uninstall previous program by downloading uninstallation tool.  For the record, had similar problem with AVG before changing to F-Secure. It seems that if an AV program becomes corrupted in any way, it 's best to clean it out start afresh.



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