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in "My f-secure" it is informing me about the ending of my subscription. Clicking on Orders and payments I have "Manual renewal", but I find no way of acquiring a new license.

Does anyone know how to go about doing this? Outside of my f-secure I can purchase stuff, but if I enter my profile info the ask me to login to My f-secure again where I'm not able to do anything.

I have a 10 device license now which runs out in 5 days. The new license would be a 5-device for 12 months.




  • Vetraci
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    Go to "Orders and Payments", there should be a button that says "Renew now".


    Safe renewal.jpg











    Then you should be able to select your license period in months, how many devices you would like to protect and if you would like to use automatic renewal when your subscription ends.



    Or: If you already have a F-Secure Safe subscription code, you can enter it here:


    Safe renewal.jpg


  • missinglink


    There's no link there unfortunately. Thanks for the quick reply btw.

  • Vetraci
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    Ok. Maybe we are from different countries and therefore MySafe looks different. I don't know.


    You can wait until someone from F-Secure's community support team replies to your topic or you can can call or chat with F-Secure customer support . Depending on your country, check out the different service hours.


    Maybe you will also find something in the Knowledge Base. To change the language, there's drop down table on the right side.

  • Thanks! I'll use the chat tomorrow Smiley Wink
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    Can I just ask which brower you are using, and whether you've tried another browser for this purpose?  It may be a red herring, but I notice in your screenshot that the display looks different to that of Vetraci's, which looks the same as my own.  I just wondered if by some strange anomily, your browser isn't displaying the Renew link for some reason?

  • Hi, Simon. So far I've tried this with Chrome and Vivaldo.

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