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I have Safe about to be renewed. However, I also have a coupon code through my workplace. How can I use it? If I go through My F-Secure, it doesn't have any place to add coupon (link 1). I didn't have enough courage to press the "buy now" ("osta nyt") -button just to see, if there's any options behind it.


If I try from the onlineshop-route from, it just says "There is already an account for My F-Secure with this email address. Please log in to your F-Secure account to purchase." (picture 2). 



Any good hints?


  • Jonza
    Jonza Posts: 2

    Login to My Safe, go to 1st screenshot, click buy now and you should see more options including coupon (left bottom corner).

  • tkuhan
    tkuhan Posts: 5

    Tried that. It didn't ask any details, it just said that renewal succeeded.

  • Jonza
    Jonza Posts: 2

    Oh, sorry. Forgot about that weird renew option. You need to buy a licence instead of renewing in order to use coupons, don't know why though..


    Open Orders and Payments (Tilaukset ja maksut) and click buy now (osta nyt) if you have such option there.

    If you don't you either need to contact customer support to work it out or cancel your invoice once you receive one which should happen about 7-9 days before your subscription runs out, you will get an email once you receive the invoice.

    To cancel the invoice you must send a form to the online shop (Cleverbridge), support article:

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi tkuhan,


    To check further on the renewal option or to use your code, I would recommend to open a support ticket or chat directly with our support team. This issue might need further checking of your account; so please get in touch with our F-Secure support team.

  • Situation report, two weeks later: First, I tried chat. "Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly." and that was it, never got the contact with anyone. Well, it's busy at the end of the day, I get it.

    I opened a support ticket, 18th January (two weeks ago). No response this far. I guess I'll hang tight and see if there's any response coming. I have still few days left of my subscription.

    Meanwhile, I tried to cancel my current subscription so I would be able to hopefully order new one from Only thing it did was removing the "renew"-link from My Safe.

    We'll see what happens when the subscription runs out, I'll report here how it turns out.
  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @tkuhan,


    Regarding your issue, I have highlighted your post/case opened to the Support team. They should be getting in touch with you soon.

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