F-Secure Uninstallation Tool.exe and Easy Clean Beta

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Does anyone try the F-Secure's UninstallationTool.exe?


I did try out these tools and found that it cannot remove the Encrypted Quarantine Folder...


No matter how I try to delete the folder it won't remove the File directory completely!




Well there seems to be  a new Beta for F-Secure's  Easy Clean.





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    we use it almost daily at one of our customers Smiley Happy


    Why do you want to iuninstall?

    What Version of F-Secure was installed?

    Try in safe mode.


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    Ran 2012 version, very happy with it. However, after extending the member period for another year, everything went wrong. First it told me that I had 10 days left after giving the update code.  Oh by the way, google chrome also crashed al of a sudden... Uninstalled the f-secure, loaded a testversion instead and after that I tried to enter the code again to upgrade: "This code is allready in use".... (no kidding). Did a system recovery to an earlier date. In the mean time the system told me while installing f-secure again that there were conflicitng versions and if I wanted to have it taken away. Sure, as long as I can get my program running like before, go ahead. Install finished, reboot and voila, No f-secure to be found??? So, decided to take care of deletion myself. But no way mr. Can't find data so no deletion possible. WTF to that! Aparrently there is still a version 2009 in my system but I cannot get rid of this. Somewhere along the line I think I saw the possibility passing by on the screen which said I had to remove it through a special program provided by f-secure to delete it in the right way. Nope, can't find it on the help pages. So... who can help me out here?

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    You can Manually delete F-Secure

    1. Go to registry (Press Ctrl+R then type regedit hit enter)

    2. In REGISTRY Press Ctrl+F then type f-secure

    3. Delete All the result


    Shorcut key

    Press F3 to find next

    Press Del to delete

    Press Enter click Yes . . .


    Reminder : Make sure that you only delete the Item with F-SECURE word


    Agent Rosh -


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