Inbuilt sample/file submission option F-secure.

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There should be inbuilt file submission option in f secure for submitting file/sample to fsecure lab for analysis.

Presently you have to submit file using online submission platform which is little tiresome.

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  • bronan
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    I can not find anything how to submit what i think is a huge fail detected fake virus I started downloading my just bought programs on steam and f-secure instant reports an virus in this new pcmark product... what do you expect from futuremark that they sell virus containing programs ? REALLY Anyway the link giving elsewhere ends in a absolute not existing portal and searching to the crap site and little bit of info i can not find any solution at all Everything ends in disaster, i actually am thinking about removing this bad piece of false security because it only finds false positives and actually wants to remove legit bought programs as being virusses. The bank software tool popsup already with almost every site i try to open including darn dropbpx and steam ....... i can not understand that such a bad piece of work is being delivered by my isp as being the best at product. Yes its so called free but its included in the insane high price i pay for this provider
  • bronan
    bronan Posts: 2 New Member
    The worst part is that this crap product is forcing to delete the files as well..... OMG and you people say you got a good product REALLY
  • Cale
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    You can submit files from the quarantine directly to the labs without using the online form. Open the App and file control dialog, select the quarantined file and click the Report button.


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