Managed portal for F-Secure SAFE

MisterStuart Posts: 14 New Member

I have a F-Secure SAFE subscription which I have several family and friends under. It would be nice if the web portal reported on the status of machines e.g. Detected threats, last scan, blocked websites, current definition update and agent version, etc.

It would also be nice to be able to send a command to scan a user computer if something is detected or if it has just been a while since last scan. Some other companies are providing services like this for FREE (Sophos). I really like F-Secure, I don't mind paying for the best protection in the world, but it would be nice to have the convenience of being able to manage basic security functions of computers under your account since most of the time they are for computers owned by people that count on you to look out for them in regards to computer safety.


Any plans on making this happen in the future?