F secure internet security unable to update its Network interception framework and spam filter.

My f secure internet security is unable to install its network interception framework and spam filter.

Every time i try to update it proceds to 11-12% and then fails.

I also tried offline update file from f secure to update it but no help.

Also reinstalling it doesn't help.

No response from customer care over chat..what to do?

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  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,587
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    If you've done all of the suggestions in your thread of yesterday, including running the Eset uninstall tool, then all I can suggest is that you send in a Support Ticket attaching the file produced from the Support Tool so that the tech guys can take a look at what may be going wrong.  Without looking into your system, we would only be guessing here.


    But first, I would try a reboot, if you haven't already, and see if that triggers the update installers, and also check you don't have Windows Updates pending.  

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